Walk Among The Tombstones

on 9-22-2014 in Action, Drama, Thriller

Walk Among The Tombstones-2

A Walk Among The Tombstones

I have always liked Liam Neeson as an actor. This latest role he has taken on as a retired detective in A Walk Among The Tombstones leaves me cold. It was the harshest movie I remember seeing. I could not wait to get out of the theater at the end of it. I had to break that reality I had been thrust into. It deals with murder by mutilation. Beautiful women are being targeted for big ransoms by a sinister homosexual couple. BE WARNED, this is a rough one. The acting was superb and the creepy guys seemed fine until they carried out one of their abductions. The story rolls a lot of sick thinking into a very well done movie.

7 entry- 4.5 exit (TOO VIOLENT)


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