They Will Not Grow Old

on 2-08-2019 in Uncategorized

This is a Peter Jackson (The Hobbit) film honoring the World War One British and German Soldiers who fought and died. It was created from archival film that had to be colorized and speed adjusted for our the visual senses in our eyes and brains to take in. There was a lot of work in this editing and speed adjusting process.
The Peter Jackson Studio had the skill sets needed to render this footage usable in movie form. It is brilliantly done. Peter Jackson does a movie intro and there is a half hour segment at the end that takes us behind the camera lens to appreciate how he got this on screen. They used only the 100 year old degraded film the BBC gave him to work with. This was the challenge he was presented with. He created a timeless master work of this very gritty and brutal war. I walked away humbled and enlightened by facts of this war and the useless human activity of warring.

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