Hacksaw Ridge

on 11-05-2016 in Action, Action Heroes, Docudrama, True Story


This is a biographical story very well reinacted. Mel Gibson directed this movie. It is the story of a Conscientious Objector who served as a medic in a bloody battle on Okinawa during the closing chapter of World War Two. His heroism earned him the Congressional Medal Of Honor for saving the lives of 75 men. He hauled them from the battle field and lowered them down the face of a cliff to safety, single handed and at night. His mantra was: Please Lord, help me get one more.

The battle scenes go on and on but in real life this must have been the case as well. The
Japanese were determined and desperate. The Americans threw themselves at the Japanese with all of the grit and fire power they could muster. In typical Gibson form this is quite bloody but none the less, a story well told.

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