Girl On The Train

on 10-08-2016 in Drama, Mystery


This is a very dark movie. Kind of like being water boarded. However, we get to see some very fine acting from Ms Emily Blunt. She is the lead actor who was traumatized by her ex- husband so much she now drinks excessively and does not trust her our instincts. She is a mess and portrays these characterizations convincingly. There is one 5 to 10 second scene where we see her naturally beautiful self in full joy. Absent that, she is a glum emotional mess for the rest of the movie. Might be an Oscar nomination, not sure on that but bravo Emily. You had to shut yourself down for this role. I hope you have recovered. As for the rest of this brooding, dark psychological mystery: it has some good acting but the story drags along at an agonizing pace.

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