Get Me Roger Stone

on 5-23-2017 in Documantary

No matter your political persuasion, please see this movie. You will begin to understand how you are being played. And played not just
by your candidates but by the scum-baggery behind the candidate(s). What an eye opener. It is on the trail of political dirty tricks from
Nixon to Trump. It shows how the Republicans have embraced dirty trickery. It shows you how and from whom these diabolical statements
and strategies have come. It is highly entertaining and riveting. He (Roger Stone) has an illegitimate or erroneous relationship with the truth. The movie was 5 years in the making. This guy is a cunning and mean spirited shit stirrer. Sadly, he is also somewhat, running the country from behind the scenes.

This is the first Netflix movie I have seen and reported on.

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