Cold Pursuit

on 2-08-2019 in Uncategorized

This is a typical Liam Neeson movie, of late, where there is a tough guy (Neeson) and a lot of bad guys. Then he kills them all. This time they installed a beautiful Colorado resort town as the backdrop. They also keep score of the dead with a screen shot ‘flash tally’ each time another one bites the dust. This is clever but still, there are a lot of bodies to count. As the bodies piled up, the humor, to me got sadder and sadder. The irony of pairing death with humor makes for strange, even twisted bedfellows. Oh well. It is a popular genre in moviedom but I am concerned that this is possibly, just possibly spawning some of the violence in our world??
Could be, ya think?

Before – 8 – After 6.5