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I started writing movie reviews as a counter point to people calling themselves movie reviewerIMG_0145s. I found their chatty comments highly inaccurate to my taste. I could see a movie they bad-mouthed and find it delightful, charming or powerful.

My writing style is purely my own. I write from my experience. How did I feel? Was I entertained? Did IJack Glam Jack on Setbuy the performances? Did the director do his job of getting the best out of his actors? After sitting with these and other questions and feeling what I feel, I am ready to write and share with you. The whole thing comes to me complete.

I offer the essence of the movie.

I intentionally shy away from plot points as I want you to have the full surprise that I did. I will lead you up to a point in a story but leave the punch line for you to discover for yourself.IMG_1129

I feel it my job to give you the over view, the tone or mood of the movie and not reveal the goodies or the story. At a glance of my two or three paragraphs, you will know my sense of the movie. Hopefully, from this you can better make your decision to see the movie or not.IMG_1629

I have worked in several movies.

After working on Titanic, I got involved in selling the props and made a living doing this for several years. I write from my experience from both sides of the camera lens.

Steve, my partner in this project is the marketing whiz kid. He has built the blog and he manages it. Together we hope you will enjoy what we offer and tell your friends as well.

We will continue to do our part:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Having Fun At The Movies… and reporting back to you.


The Review It Guy

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