A Million Ways To Die In The West

on 6-28-2014 in Action Heroes, Comedy for Dudes, Romantic Comedy

A Million Ways To Die In The West 2
A Million Ways To Die In The West

I had been anticipating this movie since I first saw the previews for it. Now, after seeing it I am greatly disappointed. It is crude. I would call it sophomorish but that would be an insult to sophomores. Seth McFarland wrote it, directed it, starred in it and produced it. So I guess the Seth McFarland humor is gutter trained and determined to want the world to know. They had a wonderful cast with Charleze Theron, Liam Nisan, and many cameos. They could have done a really funny comedic western. But the bulls eye was not on that as a theme. They kept shooting for the gutter and sucessfully hit it time after time. It was great to see Charlese again. It had been awhile since she had been in a movie. Glad to see her back on the silver screen. There were a few good laught but the foul language and…….. I am getting tired of hearing me bitch about this. See it if you like but you have been warned. Almost forgot: it was shot in Monument Valley and some of the scenes are beautiful, very “old westish”.

**I saw this one a second time. As long as I knew where and when to close my eyes and cover my ears. I thought this a very good and funny movie. **



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